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Brand Strategy & Identity

This is a example of how we will approach your Brand Strategy and Identity. From scratch to status. If you feel like you already have any of the steps covered, our collaboration can be focused on one or a few of the steps displayed.


Research & Strategy

In this step, we dig into your company, researching goals, industry trends, and competitors. How will you differentiate your brand and service/product? Together, we define your brand mission, vision, core values, and unique selling points.


Profiling & Positioning

In this step we create detailed buyer personas for your brand and analyze your audience’s needs. Using this information, we refine your brand strategy to resonate with your target audience.


Identity Design & Documentation

Our personal favorite step is giving visual to your story. In this step we will for example design a memorable logo, establish your unique color palettes and typography and brand style. All elements will be documented in brand guidelines for consistency. You will receive a full package of files, designes and formats.



Lastly it is time to apply your new brand identity across materials. We update/set up online and offline touchpoints, monitoring performance and gathering feedback for ongoing improvement. We determine if, and what kind of marketing elements are suited for you and can help design your campaigns.

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